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Austen & Noble has adapted to the changing landscape, with the care and determination of a business upholding family values.


Austen & Noble Insurance Brokers Ltd is a General Insurance Broker.

Whether you are in search of automobile insurance, house or rental insurance, or business insurance, Austen & Noble Insurance finds the policy that best fits your needs and provides the essential coverage you require. We guide you throughout the process and commit to staying in regular contact in the event you or your company need to make a claim.

Personal and commercial automobile insurance

Cars and trucks, including any vehicle considered recreational, like motorcycles, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles, trailers, and personal watercraft/Sea-Doo


Insurance for any dwelling, including policies for individuals renting a home or apartment


Policies tailored to your company so you can be protected


About Austen & Noble

John Austen has been around the insurance industry for much of his life. John is the owner and president of the Milton Ontario based Austen & Noble Insurance Brokers Ltd. John received an unforgettable piece of advice from his father many years ago. The words have guided John’s approach in the house, auto and business world ever since.

My father worked in the fire and casualty insurance industry with Lloyd’s, says John. He once told me that if you look out the window on a dark overcast day and the phone rings with a claim look out again. It’s your day in the sun.

The message conveys a clear understanding of the role of those in the insurance industry which is to take care of their clients who have put their trust in you at a time when they are in the most need.
“A policy is just a piece of paper,” John says, noting the product his family-run company sells cannot be eaten or worn like a more tangible purchase. “It provides people security but doesn’t mean anything until there is a claim. That’s when we respond.”

Whether someone comes to Austen & Noble after a life changing fire, theft, or accident, Austen & Noble has embraced that responsibility since 1981. The brokerage was then known as Clements & Noble. The company was established in 1956 by Brad Clements Sr. with the intent of finding home, auto and business insurance for the Milton and surrounding community.

In 1983, John became a partner and the firm was renamed Austen & Noble Insurance Brokers Ltd. And for almost 40 years, he and his staff have maintained that tradition of helping clients in the Milton and surrounding community. Austen & Noble is a rarity in the insurance industry, a family business standing tall after decades of mergers that created extremely large insurance brokerages.

Obviously, the population of Milton has changed, as well. When John began work, the population was approximately 32, 000 people. Milton now has a population of over 110, 000 people, with the company also facilitating insurance for clients in nearby cities like Burlington Oakville, Halton Hills, Campbellville and Rockwood. Austen & Noble has adapted to the changing landscape, with the care and determination of a business upholding family values.

We are confident in our ability to service all newcomers to Milton and the surrounding communities – Mike Austen.

In January of 2007 John’s son Michael joined the business. With 15 years of experience, Michael has helped John lead the company into the future. The staff is typically about eight strong, a number that includes two producers, located in Mississauga and Brampton. Each member of the Austen & Noble team is dedicated and of one mind when it comes to a critical component of the business. That is communication with clients.

“We listen to our clients,” says John. We want them to have good coverage but it’s important that they wind up with the insurance policy that they want. We advise clients and provide them with choices, whether it’s for a business, a house, a condo, a rented apartment or an automobile. And we offer superior claim service.

Austen & Noble takes each claim from a client and reports them to the applicable insurance provider, but that’s just the beginning of the process.

“We follow up,” says John. We call the insured back to see if the adjustor has made contact. We make it clear that if they don’t feel that they are being treated fairly, let us know. Pick up the phone and talk to us if there are issues so that we can resolve them to our insured’s satisfaction.

It’s about making sure that the claims process is seamless. If a client cannot stay in their house, they need to rent a home or stay in a hotel. If they do not have access to their washer and dryer, they need to go to the laundromat, everything will be paid for by the insurance company, but that paperwork has to be completed and forwarded. On many occasions, we have forwarded the paperwork to the insurance company on behalf of our clients to get a quick response.

John understands that the human element is so important in the insurance industry. He feels sympathy and empathy for his clients, taking the time to acknowledge their unfortunate circumstances before welcoming the task of helping them recover.

Austen & Noble’s ability to care for the people extends to the Milton community that the company has called home for so long. Austen & Noble is a proud supporter of local sports teams. Participating in baseball, hockey and soccer. The business also donates generously to charitable organizations in need of support, feeling a responsibility to make a difference for the people in the community who have placed their trust in Austen & Noble for decades.

John’s father’s words were true. Dark days do create an opportunity to shine.

The industry is always changing and at the same time there are changes in coverage under the insurance policy. John, Michael and the staff at Austen & Noble feel they have a duty to make sure that their clients are fully informed and have the insurance coverage they require.


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